Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Secret Country - 7 Days a Week EP

Do you like hot dogs, beer,
fried chicken, bbq, hog calling, honky tonks and outlawed Outlaw Country? Well son, I got two songs that are gonna make you bust your belt buckle and make you want to party till the cows come home.
New Jersey's sexiest sextet has returned with their first recording since 2010's
"Hard White Snow".  This is the bands forth offering on
Killing Horse Records and will be followed by the bands second full length due in August of 2012.

The EP features two songs.
"7 Days a Week", a song about drinking 7 days a week and "Deep Fried Delight", a song about fried chick, a buxom lady and some sweet, sexy down home love. If this doesn't get those bible belts up in a
hee-haw. I sure as hell don't know what will. For all you Punks and Hardcore kids that don't quite understand what's going on here; They just might be to Country Music what Murphy's Law is to Hardcore. Order a copy now and tell 'em Johnny Cash sent ya.
James Damion
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