Thursday, May 31, 2012

Torchbearer - The Dirty Swagger (upcoming Lp 2012)

If I had to compare Torchbearer to anyone I would say my initial reaction was that there's a bit of a Burn, Deadguy feel to the music as well as bands like band like Botch and Converge. While Torchbearer doesn't necessarily sound exactly like any of these bands they definitely draw influence from the metallic side of hardcore and deliver a pummeling album of aggressive pissed off hardcore that will satisfy  fans of any of the above mentioned bands.

Torchbearer features Dan from the previously reviewed Altered Boy's on guitar, and the distinct difference in sound between these two bands is a testament to his talents...Dave G.

Torchbearer formed in New Brunswick, New Jersey in the summer of 2008. Members play or have played in bands like Nora, Ensign, Mother Night, the Low End Theory, For the Love Of, and Hellhole. The goal then and now is to create heavy, abrasive music that draws on a wide variety of influences, some obvious and some that are surprising even to us.

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