Friday, May 29, 2015

New Brunswick NJ's Modern Chemistry Debut Video for the Song 'Cling'.

New Brunswick's Modern Chemistry have posted a video for the single Cling. You can check it out here or visit you tube  Here

Modern Chemistry  Bandcamp

KARP - Kill All Redneck Pricks Documentary

Below are some exerts from a pretty cool documentary about  KARP (Kill All Reneck Pricks) KARP were a Turnwater Washington band that existed from 1990-1998. During their lifespan, the band release 3 full length albums Mustaches Wild, Suplex and Self Titled 
(The albums actual title.)  The documentary has been out for some time now, but I felt it was worth posting considering how much time I've spent listening to them over the last week or so. Check the link below for more information or if you'd like to order a copy. 
I highly recommend it. James Damion

United By Images; Gillian

Gillian are a Brooklyn band featuring Geoff Bennington, Paul Demyanovich, Kym Hawkins, Paul Fedorow and Brian Yurachek. The quintet play an infectious and very danceable version of indie rock/punk. In early 2015 the band signed a publishing deal to for TV, movies and commercials. While something of that nature might not sit well with music purists.
It surely marks an improvement in each of the three markets. For me personally, I will forever appreciate Gillian's unique and rare ability to make me dance with wild abandon and boundless glee. Here's to hip shakin'.  James Damion

Gillian the Band  Facebook
Colorize Bandcamp
Freak Flag Bandcamp

Suspect - S/T LP

Featuring members of notables acts such as Tear it Up, Deep Sleep, Find Him and Kill Him and Stay Gold. Suspect avoid the Supergroup
trappings by making something that is all their own. Playing straight forward Hardcore that finds influence in early Socal Hardcore acts such as Uniform Choice.

Musically, Suspect is a vortex or speed and aggression with a surprising sense of melody. As I listened to these ten songs.
I felt as if I was being swept up in the eye of a tornado. Like many of the great Hardcore acts of both the past and the present. Suspect live and die by by the
"Loud, Fast, Rules" ethos. With seven of the ten songs coming in at under a minute and only one Intro/Tentative Step breaking the 2:00 minute marker. The term seems to serve as the perfect description of what Suspect have to offer. I highly recommend this one.
James Damion

React Records  Get it Here

Disengage - S/T 7' EP

Disengage, a straightedge hardcore act out of Wiles Barre PA. offer six songs of fast forward, blink of an eye raging hardcore. While it's somewhat difficult to process the idea that music delivered in just under a minute can leave a lasting impression on the listener. Disengage did just that with this self titled crusher. While compassions to age old Hardcore acts such as
Youth of Today and BOLD can't be avoided. Disengage manage to accomplish more than just wear their hearts on their sleeves. What stood out for me personally, was the somewhat tribal bass lines and percussion. Impressive stuff that had me looking to seek out more from the band. Go get it.
James Damion

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Comeback Kid - Rain City Sessions

This year, like each and every year to follow I did everything in my power to avoid the temptations to buy records
I already owned in some way, shape or format while remaining monetarily healthy. It was a lot simpler than I thought.
"Go to the beach, feel the sun on my face and eat a good meal before returning home to the enormous amount of records I already own and barely listen to. As a record enthusiast and collector.              I find Record Store Day to be as amateur and misguided as a Santa Con bar crawl on           St. Patrick's Day.

Then came Comeback Kid's Rain City Sessions. The live EP recorded at
Rain City recorders on May 4th, 2014 features six previously unreleased live Comeback Kid classics as well as a impressively unwound cover of Nirvana's classic  Territorial Pissings.

While just an EP. Seven songs in all. Rain City Sessions made a lasting impression on this listener. Giving the overall feel of an LP with it's emotive and passionate attack at these songs. It seems just like yesterday when I was referring to them as leaders of a new breed of Hardcore bands that were returning positive Hardcore to it's long lost glory. Years later as I find my tastes evolving and aging out of the music. Rain City Sessions reminds me of everything I've grown to love about Comeback Kid in the last ten plus years. The energy, honesty and integrity. To put it lightly, Comeback Kid remind me of everything I still love about Hardcore. File under "Essential".  James Damion

WWIX - If One of these Bottles Just Happens to Fall

If one of these bottles.... the latest offering from New York's World War IX is a five boot to the head kicker that is an energetic, raucous and drunkenly fun EP that brought to mind past acts such as Murphy's Law and                   No Redeeming Social Value as well as other party anthem acts of the 80's and 90's. I might even go as far as likening them to a punker version of Seattle's President's of the United States.
The EP came with a 32 page D.I.Y. comic book titled Earaches and Eyesores. Illustrated by the bands guitarist Justin Melmann. It serves as the perfect accessory to the EP. Overall, it felt good hearing from World War IX again.           I look forward to hearing more from them down the road.
While World War IX may fly a bit under the radar in comparison to many of the bigger names on the NYHC scene. These Brooklyn boys seem to be doing just fine. Adding a sense of humor and an artful edge that has always been somewhat lacking in the scene.
James Damion

World War IX Get it Here

Saturday, May 16, 2015

There Will Be Quiet - The Story of Judge (Complete)

May 8 2015
Dilettante * 120 N Santa Fe * Los Angeles
7:30 Doors

Noisey in association with Converse present:
Screening of the feature length documenty THERE WILL BE QUIET: The Story of Judge
followed by a Q&A session w/ the directors and band hosted by Tony Rettman author of the NYHC Book
as well as a live performance by the band.

Below I've posted parts 1-4 of "There Will Be Quiet." 
Enjoy, James Damion

Friday, May 8, 2015

Abstract Artimus - The City Arrives

Abstract Artimus is a Florida transplant to New York City who plays slightly punky Rock N Roll. I'm not sure where this disc falls in regard to appealing to the UBRS crowd, but if you dig punk Rock N Roll  Godfathers like Radio Birdman then there may be something for you in the Abstract Artimus sound.  In my opinion The City Arrives does a good job of bringing together classic 70's hard rock riffs and infusing them with a sense of stoner coolness and punk rock swagger that is definitely appealing. I bet Abstract Artimus deliver a rockin' live show too...Dave G.

Abstract Artimus