Tuesday, July 4, 2017

LimeGoat - S/T EP

If you know me... and I'm pretty sure you don't. But if you did.
You'd come to know that their are two things that consistently bring joy to my otherwise dark world. Those two things? Goats and sludgy, sloth paced Metal. Two things that almost instantly draw me the band  Lime Goat and their self titled five song EP embody these things perfectly with a sound that can easily be compared to early Black Sabbath and later defenders of the sludge,
The Melvins. Limegoat find themselves wading in a pool of muddy excellence. Looks good. Sounds good. Try this one on for size. I think you'll like it.

Available Here 

Smoked Solid Dairy - Tour '17 EP

If experience has taught me anything. It's not to judge a book... Or in this case, band by it's namesake.
Such was the case when giving Seattle's Smoked Solid Dairy a quick, yet enjoyable listen.
Initiated by April 2017's 'Trash of the Past'.
I hoped to dig a little deeper into the mystery of Smoked Solid Dairy to get past my original impressions of a pretty goofy sounding band to give a band that reminded me of so many of the bands that introduced me to  American Punk during my impressionable teen years.
Though only featuring a lean three songs 'Tour '17 EP'  manages to revisit my love for such 80's favorites as D.I., The Vandals, T.S.O.L. and Crimpshrine. Nerdy  punk at it's very best. Smoked Solid Dairy combine fuzzed out guitars with snotty vocals to come up with a garage punk sound that would sound just as good now as it would on an early Lookout Records playlist. Three catchy, accessible and highly addictive songs that will appear on the band's Summer  . Something to hold you over until their upcoming Summer album release
"The Grey Sheep". Something to definitely look forward to.

Available Here


Oliver Elf Army - Telescope

When trying to decide on whether or not to introduce yourself to your new city or state's musice scene, I suggest looking up some of the bands playing at your local basement shows, water holes and music friendly venues.
That's how I did it when I first moved to New Jersey.And though it may have taken some time. It turned out to be a very rewarding search.
Therefore, I'm going to try to take a similar path in my move to the West Coast (and to be more specific, Seattle, WA.

As I found myself being accepted to a facebook group that focuses on Seattle's independent music scene. I was introduced to Everett Washington's Oliver Elf Army.
O.E.A.'s third release, 2017's four song 'Telescope' follows their weird, fuzzed out sound perfectly.

Though Oliver's Elf Army clearly don't take things all that seriously. (and why should anyone, at this point.) The results of their collaboration and output is quite stellar.
And while I usually save acts of this kind for the circular file. This particular approach and style of music definitely has its place and purpose.