Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poor Lily - Bronx NY

"Poor Lily is a punk band based in New York, formed in 2010. One of us lives in Cornwall and two of us live in the Bronx. We usually practice in Nyack. Our first album will be out in June 2011. It’s 13 songs done in 23-and-a-half minutes. The album will be available streaming and for free download on our site. You can get the CD from us at our shows."

"Guitarist and occasional singer, Max Capshaw, comes from a long line of classic New York bands including. Sick Of It All, Burn, Murphy’s Law, H20, Lament, Ashcan, and many more. Though he played drums for most of his career, he is more than able at the art of guitarring. The drum throne is occupied by another veteran, literally and figuratively, Dom Baiocco. He is the original drummer for the NYHC band Beyond. You may have seen him more recently at one of the Beyond reunions shows. Lead singer and bassist Adam Wisnieski comes from possibly the noisiest band in the universe (definitely at least the Bronx), Lightning Crabs."

“Poor Lily’s album is a reminder of how vibrant the noise coming out of the hardcore and punk scenes can occasionally be: innovative, inventive, interesting. There are moments of straightforward hardcore here, but they’re disrupted by an endless stream of ideas. It is for the best, really. It’s not shoegazing, it’s not pretentious, but it’s not straightforward or cliché. It’s just fucking loud and interesting. Thank fuck for that.”

Download Poor Liliy's self titled album right HERE for absolutely nothing...Dave G.

Poor Lilly's website

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Four Fingers Summer Demo

As our friends Four Fingers return from their summer tour I thought I'd take a moment to post their summer demo and let you know they'll be playing a homecoming show at Montclair's sweat box The Meatlocker. The show will also be celebrating bassist Ryan Betrix's birthday which falls on the 27th. Sadly I will not be able to make it but I wanted to wish him an early Happy Birthday regardless. Have a blast Ryan. James Damion

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Municipal Waste, Night Birds, Night Fever, Hammer Fight and The Uglies @ Kearny Irish 07/21/2011

As we arrived I had this strange, uncomfortable feeling as if I'd just stepped off a time machine into my worst 80's nightmare. I was never much for Metal in the 80's and though I've been listening to more than my share in recent years I was unaware that the fashion,
for the most part had gone unchanged in the twenty five years since. It's hard to fathom that people would be wearing combat boots and dungaree jackets, however sleeveless,
in temperatures hitting one hundred degrees. I had never been to a Municipal Waste show or even knew much about the band but my buddy Dave has yet to steer me wrong musically so I was open to the experience. Though I felt out of place amongst the army of Sacred Reich shirts, back pocket bandanas and caps with exaggerated bills I was there with an open mind and curious ears.

As I walked in the Ugly's had already launched in to their set. The band looked old and weathered, each one looking just a few years short of getting their AARP cards but make no mistake they delivered the Metal. I thought, "If this is the opening band, my ears are in for a treat tonight." Later on I met the bands singer and guitarist separately and found out a couple of the members were in Red Banks legendary Ripping Corpse more than twenty years ago. Kinda cool if you ask me.

Next up was Denmark's Night Fever. Earlier I remember joking with Dave about the bands name wondering they'd be taking the stage in white leisure suits only to serenade us with Metal versions of Bee Gee classics.As I witnessed the bands singer take the stage sporting a Negative Approach tee shirt. I knew this would not be the case. The band played an amazing set of Metal tinged Hardcore that had the energy of a Youth of Today set mixed with the attitude of a Black Flag song. It's always good to see a touring band get interest from the crowd.
After their set I headed right over to the merch table and picked up their record. I can't stress how important it is to support touring bands. They make most of their money selling their merchandise. That alone is hardly enough for gas and food.

By now I was already soaked in sweat and headed outside for some much needed air. Only to realize it was even hotter outside. As I was about to head inside to check out Hammer Fight,
I was told by several people "They aren't very good." I thought, "let me at least see for myself."
"Not very good" turned out to be "This band really sucks" rather quickly as I was serenaded with a chorus of "If you homos aren't going off to this song, you're even bigger pussies than you look like." There were a couple of dudes in their late thirties who were hurling themselves into anyone and everyone who wasn't dancing. The biggest douche bag of them all even crashed in the Night Birds table knocking it and it's merch girl over. (Note too assholes that do this. "You are not the show.") These dicks reminded me of the bone heads I went to high school with. The only difference was they were now almost forty. Yet they looked and acted the same.

Thankfully, the Night Birds were up next. Truth be told, this was the band I was there to see.
I've been listening to these guys for close to a year now but this was my first time seeing them live.
Shit, talk about bringing it to another level. I know most of the people in attendance were there to see Municipal Waste but as far as I'm concerned Night Birds killed it.
I've seen some bands lately whose live sets have brought me to near orgasmic levels musically. (All Eyes West and The Rye Coalition) come to mind. These guys are pretty high on that list.
It's great to see there are still bands that are playing that "balls out, in your face" kinda Rock n' Roll that still has somewhat of a "danger" factor to it. These guys definitely delivered on that. I can't wait to see this band play again.

Judging from the crowd and the direction the night had already taken I had no idea what to expect from Municipal Waste or the crowd in attendance. I just knew it was going to be sick.
I had heard so much about the band from both Dave and my friend Amy Edge. But in all honesty it didn't bring me any closer to drawing any direct line to what I'd be hearing or experiencing. It was either going to be a Metal Armageddon or the greatest party ever.

The crowd of misfits gathered, hugging the stage with anticipation as the band took the stage.
I didn't know what the fuck to expect but I was ready for it.
I positioned myself, looked forward, left and right to survey what might be hitting me within the next minute or so and then it happened.
MW launched into their set and the place went ape shit. Somehow, the energy sucked me in and before I knew it, I was a fan. I managed to get front stage center, getting crushed by the onslaught ofbodies.
(Even dropping my camera at one point.) Talk about a great set.
These guys totally lived up to they're billing. Like missing pieces to a puzzle, all the descriptions finally made sense to me.
People were going nuts, launching off the stage with boogie boards and an energy that was pure pandemonium. This was the bands only local appearance and they made it a memorable one for all involved. I was treated to something different and in hindsight feel pretty lucky.
Shout out to Amy Edge. It's always a pleasure seeing her and her camera at the other side of the stage. James Damion

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Ugly's - Rejects Demo

Though "Rejects" was released back in 2009, this little gem of a demo was given to me less than twenty four hours ago, Thus making it completely new to my ears and worthy of a few thoughts. Though virtually unknown to the Jersey Metal scene The Ugly's legacy traces way back to the late eighties, early nineties when the bands singer and drummer were members of the highly regarded Metal act Ripping Corpse.

All history aside, The Ugly's prove you're never too old to Rock n' Roll. These guys may be in there fifties but they deliver the goods on this demo with some fast paced Metal that's both hard and relentless. The demo features five tracks 1. 55454 2. Same Old Trouble 3. The Boris Karloff Theory 4. and 5. Drillbit. Each song coming in under 3:00 minutes. Same Old... being the standout track.

Like I stated before I found little to no information on this band.
Perhaps searching Ripping Course would reveal more. Regardless the band does some good work on these tracks and I thought it should be noticed. James Damion

the_uglys Contact

Night Fever - Transparent 7 inch E.P.

When I originally saw the band Night Fever listed on the bill for last nights Municipal Waste gig at kearny Irish I had visions of
Tony Monero disco dancing the night away to the sounds of the
Bee Gees classic of the same name. Upon witnessing their live set, that image was thankfully erased from my thoughts.

"On "Transparent" Denmark's 'Night Fever' hit us with a blast of Hardcore reminiscent of days long past. Relying heavily on mid to fast tempo Hardcore sound with a bit of Metal sprinkled in. The "A" side Transparent is a sonic blast that signals the band is back and they come to crush. While the "B" side delivers a classic Hardcore sounds that reminds me of a mix of RKL meets Leeway. Put the needle down on this record once and you'll be wanting to hear it over and over. This is yet another fine release by No Way records that has me convinced this label can do no wrong. The band is touring the US. as we speak.
I highly recommend checking them out live when they come to your town".

The 7 inch is a one time pressing of 1,000 copies. 200 of which being US tour Mailorder copies. I highly recommend picking up a copy...James Damion.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fall of the Albatross - Entanglement

My ears have been treated to some amazingly diverse sounds as of late but few come close to that of the band
Fall of the Albatross.
I first heard the band back in the early Spring when a case of pure curiosity kept me long enough to catch their set at the Lit Lounge in downtown NYC. On that night my senses were overloaded when a blend of otherwise conflicting sounds came together to form an almost seemless orchestration.

On 'Entanglement' the band dances on a fine line between beauty and chaos delivering both dissonant and melodic offerings that never really allow your ears to settle in to any preconceived
comfort zone. Think Dillinger Escape Plan meets Fishbone meets Earth Wind & Fire. (I kid you not.) The battle between beauty and chaos is fought throughout these six songs of complete genius. The bands prodigious musicianship and jazzy stylings are countered with Ray Hodge incredibly diverse and wide ranging voice. (Listen as he moves from soulful and melodic to chaotic and sweepingly low almost effortlessly.) His vocal range paired with the bands amazing musical range form to make this an epic release and a launching pad for future excellence and boundless success. James Damion

Fall of the Albatross Official Site

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stuyvesant - Fret Sounds

On Fret Sounds ( A clever play on the Beach Boys classic) the band Stuyvesant not only ascend to Pop greatness but bring us back to a time when the term 'Pop' wasn't strictly known as a disposable, brainless form of music. 'Fret Sounds' will most likely bring you back to a better time when the genre had a little more punch and honesty. Filled with hooks, melodies, harmonies and a certain dose of geek vulnerability that give it license to become the soundtrack to your summer.

Guitarists Ralph Magnia, Sean Adams, Bassist Bryan Musikoff and dummer Pete Martinez all come together here to create what certainly feels like both a labor of love and defining record.
The bands songwriting has a sort of heartfelt honesty that makes the songs even more endearing. Coupled with a sound that brings me back to classics such as Husker Du,
The Descendants, Big Drill Car and even Cheap Trick. 'Fret Sounds' has enough hook and upbeat mirth to put a smile on even the most jaded ogres face. So what are you waiting for? James Damion

Dromedary Records Label
Stuyvesant Band Page

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tim - Hoping For A Hipster Holocaust 2011

TIM - Denville, N.J.

TIM hates everyone and everything and if they knew you they would hate you too.

If any of the lyrics on this cd offend you: don't get mad: get even. Record your own cd making fun of things TIM likes and hand it out to everyone you give you a starting point TIM likes Rutt's Hutt, early 80's U.S. Punk & Hardcore, and women who look like they belong in a Russ Meyers movie.

This cd was recorded on a crummy 8 year old computer in one afternoon of November 2010, and it totally doesn't sound like it. If I didn't know better I would believe that this cd was recorded in the basement studio at Dave Grohls house. The music combines pop punk, synth like guitar effects, and a strong dose of humor to skewer everyone and everything that TIM hates...which in the case of this cd is Hipsters, Guido's and PBR.

TIM has been gigging around NJ recently, so if you see them on a bill near you be sure to check TIM out, and don't forget to give the below tracks a listen...

I Heart Hipsters
Peel Off Your Skin
P.B.R Retard
Hipster In A Coma

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Rye Coalition Makes an Offer you Can't Refuse

Here's a really cool opportunity to save the world, support an amazing project that will include my photography and make you the coolest son of a bitch in your tiny little universe. Hire The Rye Coalition to play your show, party, wedding, divorce, funeral, etc. , etc. The money will go to kickstart this amazing documentary that has been a labor of love for everyone involved. I saw Rye a handful of times in the 90's and was there for their reunion show at Maxwells. They pour every morsel of energy, emotion and sweat into each and every song. Just a balls out, in your face Rock n' Roll apocalypse. Below I posted the original email from Matt with the movies trailer and a link to the kick starter. Watch the video. It will blow your doors off. James Damion

"The Rye boys have generously agreed to play a one-off for anyone who pledges the full kickstarter amount so this movie can finally fucking happen. Know any 13-year olds hankering to blow their parents' dough on the world's least jewish bar mitzvah band?"

"Check out the movies trailer and go to the site for more info about pledging, rewards and hiring the band."

"Please spread the word to promoters you may know, maybe someone will bite for a festival! xo/matz."

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Riot on the Dance Floor

Below is the trailer for the long awaited Rock Doc "Riot on the Dancefloor". (The documentary about Randy Now and the legendary City Gardens.) Some good friends including Ken Salerno and Steve Di Lodovico worked incredibly hard to get this film finished. Check out the trailer and go to the link below to give your pledge to the kickstarter. The trailer and page will more than speak for themselves. Special thanks and congratulations to every one involved. James Damion

Friday, July 1, 2011

Polyphony - Rough Cuts Demo

Maplewood, New Jersey's Polyphony may still be in their mid teens but these Jersey kids produced a demo that not only shows a lot of maturity (They wrote and engineered it themselves) but who's sound seems to be steeped in a time when Screamo was both tolerable and listenable.

Intentional or not their sound reminds me of some of the early Ebullition Records sound and even the mighty Rorshach. All influences aside the band still sounds original and fresh. Though Marshall is most definitely doing damage to his vocal chords there is a certain balance in the music that helps give that harsh output a sense of calm. "Storming the Bastille" is a real stand out but I think each song has it's own unique and special vibe about it.

If your interested in a band that has a smart, fresh sound and puts on one hell of a show. I'd highly recommend checking them out. James Damion

Polyphony Facebook