Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tim - Hoping For A Hipster Holocaust 2011

TIM - Denville, N.J.

TIM hates everyone and everything and if they knew you they would hate you too.

If any of the lyrics on this cd offend you: don't get mad: get even. Record your own cd making fun of things TIM likes and hand it out to everyone you know...to give you a starting point TIM likes Rutt's Hutt, early 80's U.S. Punk & Hardcore, and women who look like they belong in a Russ Meyers movie.

This cd was recorded on a crummy 8 year old computer in one afternoon of November 2010, and it totally doesn't sound like it. If I didn't know better I would believe that this cd was recorded in the basement studio at Dave Grohls house. The music combines pop punk, synth like guitar effects, and a strong dose of humor to skewer everyone and everything that TIM hates...which in the case of this cd is Hipsters, Guido's and PBR.

TIM has been gigging around NJ recently, so if you see them on a bill near you be sure to check TIM out, and don't forget to give the below tracks a listen...

I Heart Hipsters
Peel Off Your Skin
P.B.R Retard
Hipster In A Coma


  1. Bands that suck seem to have a habit of hating everybody. The recording isn't bad at all but the music itself is just disposable.


  2. Nice job, Tim. I guess it was only a matter of time before someone made fun of hipsters, their nautical tats and their PBR.