Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stuyvesant - Fret Sounds

On Fret Sounds ( A clever play on the Beach Boys classic) the band Stuyvesant not only ascend to Pop greatness but bring us back to a time when the term 'Pop' wasn't strictly known as a disposable, brainless form of music. 'Fret Sounds' will most likely bring you back to a better time when the genre had a little more punch and honesty. Filled with hooks, melodies, harmonies and a certain dose of geek vulnerability that give it license to become the soundtrack to your summer.

Guitarists Ralph Magnia, Sean Adams, Bassist Bryan Musikoff and dummer Pete Martinez all come together here to create what certainly feels like both a labor of love and defining record.
The bands songwriting has a sort of heartfelt honesty that makes the songs even more endearing. Coupled with a sound that brings me back to classics such as Husker Du,
The Descendants, Big Drill Car and even Cheap Trick. 'Fret Sounds' has enough hook and upbeat mirth to put a smile on even the most jaded ogres face. So what are you waiting for? James Damion

Dromedary Records Label
Stuyvesant Band Page

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