Friday, July 8, 2011

The Rye Coalition Makes an Offer you Can't Refuse

Here's a really cool opportunity to save the world, support an amazing project that will include my photography and make you the coolest son of a bitch in your tiny little universe. Hire The Rye Coalition to play your show, party, wedding, divorce, funeral, etc. , etc. The money will go to kickstart this amazing documentary that has been a labor of love for everyone involved. I saw Rye a handful of times in the 90's and was there for their reunion show at Maxwells. They pour every morsel of energy, emotion and sweat into each and every song. Just a balls out, in your face Rock n' Roll apocalypse. Below I posted the original email from Matt with the movies trailer and a link to the kick starter. Watch the video. It will blow your doors off. James Damion

"The Rye boys have generously agreed to play a one-off for anyone who pledges the full kickstarter amount so this movie can finally fucking happen. Know any 13-year olds hankering to blow their parents' dough on the world's least jewish bar mitzvah band?"

"Check out the movies trailer and go to the site for more info about pledging, rewards and hiring the band."

"Please spread the word to promoters you may know, maybe someone will bite for a festival! xo/matz."

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