Friday, July 22, 2011

Night Fever - Transparent 7 inch E.P.

When I originally saw the band Night Fever listed on the bill for last nights Municipal Waste gig at kearny Irish I had visions of
Tony Monero disco dancing the night away to the sounds of the
Bee Gees classic of the same name. Upon witnessing their live set, that image was thankfully erased from my thoughts.

"On "Transparent" Denmark's 'Night Fever' hit us with a blast of Hardcore reminiscent of days long past. Relying heavily on mid to fast tempo Hardcore sound with a bit of Metal sprinkled in. The "A" side Transparent is a sonic blast that signals the band is back and they come to crush. While the "B" side delivers a classic Hardcore sounds that reminds me of a mix of RKL meets Leeway. Put the needle down on this record once and you'll be wanting to hear it over and over. This is yet another fine release by No Way records that has me convinced this label can do no wrong. The band is touring the US. as we speak.
I highly recommend checking them out live when they come to your town".

The 7 inch is a one time pressing of 1,000 copies. 200 of which being US tour Mailorder copies. I highly recommend picking up a copy...James Damion.


  1. Their Lp "New Blood" is a real killer also. Full speed ahead, frantic and full of over the top vocals that I can only describe as Axel Rose singing hardcore, and if that doesn't sound rules.