Friday, February 23, 2018

When One Door Closes. Another One Opens.

 Back in late 2016 I was offered my very own column on the former print zine and current website Jersey Beat. The offer to write just about anything I want and the chance to have it posted on one of independent music's longest running platform was, to say the very least, enticing.  As Jim has become both a friend and someone whose varied taste in music has helped broaden my own. Trusting him to give me the freedom to let my opinions run amok came naturally.

You can check out my Jersey Beat Column 'United By James;,  Here
 Since embarking on my column in early 2017. I've continued reviewing music and books, while occasionally doing an interview. (My personal favorite part of music journalism.) With Dave gone, my moving out West and my Jersey Beat column. Chances of future United By Rocket Science post seem pointless. Still, I will keep the site online. We did some good, creative things and met some great people during the blogs time and there would be no reason to erase that.
Currently Accepting; Punk/Hardcore/Metal, Reggae/Ska/Dub/Rocksteady,Indie Rock/Pop/Soul,Shoegaze /Dream Pop
Please, do not send; Corporate Rock, Country, Classical,  Dance/Electronic

If you'd like to have your music reviewed, You can either send me a private email requesting a mailing address or send a download or link to your bandcamp account.  Send all  submissions to