Monday, July 18, 2011

Fall of the Albatross - Entanglement

My ears have been treated to some amazingly diverse sounds as of late but few come close to that of the band
Fall of the Albatross.
I first heard the band back in the early Spring when a case of pure curiosity kept me long enough to catch their set at the Lit Lounge in downtown NYC. On that night my senses were overloaded when a blend of otherwise conflicting sounds came together to form an almost seemless orchestration.

On 'Entanglement' the band dances on a fine line between beauty and chaos delivering both dissonant and melodic offerings that never really allow your ears to settle in to any preconceived
comfort zone. Think Dillinger Escape Plan meets Fishbone meets Earth Wind & Fire. (I kid you not.) The battle between beauty and chaos is fought throughout these six songs of complete genius. The bands prodigious musicianship and jazzy stylings are countered with Ray Hodge incredibly diverse and wide ranging voice. (Listen as he moves from soulful and melodic to chaotic and sweepingly low almost effortlessly.) His vocal range paired with the bands amazing musical range form to make this an epic release and a launching pad for future excellence and boundless success. James Damion

Fall of the Albatross Official Site

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