Friday, July 1, 2011

Polyphony - Rough Cuts Demo

Maplewood, New Jersey's Polyphony may still be in their mid teens but these Jersey kids produced a demo that not only shows a lot of maturity (They wrote and engineered it themselves) but who's sound seems to be steeped in a time when Screamo was both tolerable and listenable.

Intentional or not their sound reminds me of some of the early Ebullition Records sound and even the mighty Rorshach. All influences aside the band still sounds original and fresh. Though Marshall is most definitely doing damage to his vocal chords there is a certain balance in the music that helps give that harsh output a sense of calm. "Storming the Bastille" is a real stand out but I think each song has it's own unique and special vibe about it.

If your interested in a band that has a smart, fresh sound and puts on one hell of a show. I'd highly recommend checking them out. James Damion

Polyphony Facebook

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