Friday, July 22, 2011

The Ugly's - Rejects Demo

Though "Rejects" was released back in 2009, this little gem of a demo was given to me less than twenty four hours ago, Thus making it completely new to my ears and worthy of a few thoughts. Though virtually unknown to the Jersey Metal scene The Ugly's legacy traces way back to the late eighties, early nineties when the bands singer and drummer were members of the highly regarded Metal act Ripping Corpse.

All history aside, The Ugly's prove you're never too old to Rock n' Roll. These guys may be in there fifties but they deliver the goods on this demo with some fast paced Metal that's both hard and relentless. The demo features five tracks 1. 55454 2. Same Old Trouble 3. The Boris Karloff Theory 4. and 5. Drillbit. Each song coming in under 3:00 minutes. Same Old... being the standout track.

Like I stated before I found little to no information on this band.
Perhaps searching Ripping Course would reveal more. Regardless the band does some good work on these tracks and I thought it should be noticed. James Damion

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