Friday, May 29, 2015

Suspect - S/T LP

Featuring members of notables acts such as Tear it Up, Deep Sleep, Find Him and Kill Him and Stay Gold. Suspect avoid the Supergroup
trappings by making something that is all their own. Playing straight forward Hardcore that finds influence in early Socal Hardcore acts such as Uniform Choice.

Musically, Suspect is a vortex or speed and aggression with a surprising sense of melody. As I listened to these ten songs.
I felt as if I was being swept up in the eye of a tornado. Like many of the great Hardcore acts of both the past and the present. Suspect live and die by by the
"Loud, Fast, Rules" ethos. With seven of the ten songs coming in at under a minute and only one Intro/Tentative Step breaking the 2:00 minute marker. The term seems to serve as the perfect description of what Suspect have to offer. I highly recommend this one.
James Damion

React Records  Get it Here

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