Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Comeback Kid - Rain City Sessions

This year, like each and every year to follow I did everything in my power to avoid the temptations to buy records
I already owned in some way, shape or format while remaining monetarily healthy. It was a lot simpler than I thought.
"Go to the beach, feel the sun on my face and eat a good meal before returning home to the enormous amount of records I already own and barely listen to. As a record enthusiast and collector.              I find Record Store Day to be as amateur and misguided as a Santa Con bar crawl on           St. Patrick's Day.

Then came Comeback Kid's Rain City Sessions. The live EP recorded at
Rain City recorders on May 4th, 2014 features six previously unreleased live Comeback Kid classics as well as a impressively unwound cover of Nirvana's classic  Territorial Pissings.

While just an EP. Seven songs in all. Rain City Sessions made a lasting impression on this listener. Giving the overall feel of an LP with it's emotive and passionate attack at these songs. It seems just like yesterday when I was referring to them as leaders of a new breed of Hardcore bands that were returning positive Hardcore to it's long lost glory. Years later as I find my tastes evolving and aging out of the music. Rain City Sessions reminds me of everything I've grown to love about Comeback Kid in the last ten plus years. The energy, honesty and integrity. To put it lightly, Comeback Kid remind me of everything I still love about Hardcore. File under "Essential".  James Damion

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