Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pilots in Orbit - Did You Grow Up Fast?

I've only been to Union a handful of times during my ten or so years in New Jersey. Whenever there I always felt somewhat unsettled. Understandable, considering that during each drive through I was in the midst of being completely lost. Maybe if i had known a little more about
Pilots in Orbit at the time.
I might have felt a bit more at ease. Perhaps explored the area a bit more.

On the bands debut EP,
Pilots in Orbit ask the question I've been asking myself for a very, very long time.
"Did you grow up too soon?"
The answer to that question, for me personally,
 is always and will always be a resounding "Yes". Lucky for us, these Union space travelers took their time crafting their sound and didn't rush honing their  sound. Lucky, because that time has produced one hell of a record.

The quartet offer a dreamy, ambient pop sound with guitar parts that are hooky as hell but aren't afraid to rock. Montero's vocals soar but never overwhelm you with any uninvited drama. Being one of the most uncoordinated people in the tri-state area didn't keep this listener from aimlessly dancing around like a wound up Peanuts character during a holiday special. Though not formally schooled in this particular format of sound I was instantly drawn in and comforted by the songs warmth. There's are lot's of interesting melodies and textures throughout and enough power to give it the muscle it needs keep the listener on their toes. "Past, Present, Future" just might be the perfect "rainy day" companion.
While the opening melodies on "As long as we got some…" are bright enough to wake the darkest of souls. They may not be the "Next Big Thing" out of New Brunswick;
But that's okay, because they're  from Union. Can't wait to hear more from these sky pilots.
James Damion

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