Monday, May 7, 2012

Break Away - For Life 7 Inch EP

Richmond's Break Away surely won't win any points for originality on their debut.
The bands 1989 straight edge gear, prominently placed X's, Youth Crew lyrics might win them points on a
Youth of Today tribute tour. Taking their name from the legendary Straight Ahead's sole EP might win them extra points if it were for the simple fact that another straight edge band recorded under the name Breakaway in 1990. That said, they might just knock that beer out of your hand while schooling you on the hazards of ink poisoning caused by routinely X'd out hands.

On "For Life" the band Break Away school  us on the ills of drinking and substance abuse while lamenting about how hard it is to cope on this long, straight path we call Hardcore.
It's fast, furious and if you stick around long enough, the band will grant us all a mosh part or two. Thanks Ace, your vocals and swell lyrics really changed my life. (Sorry, but this record really is funny as hell.)

Luckily for us they treat us to a long "Thanks List" on the lyric sheet which luckily, doesn't leave out the Wu Tang Clan. Thanks for the laugh. Available on clear vinyl with a big red X in the middle. Just in case you forgot they were Straight Edge. James Damion

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