Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tim Barry - 40 Miler LP

Imagine for a moment that it's 1992.
You're standing outside of downtown NYC's Wetlands with a bunch of your closest buddies about to see Avail perform with several of your favorite local bands. A stranger turns to you and says, "Have you heard Tim's acoustic demos?"
"He's doing a whole country-folk thing now." "You've gotta hear it." I don't know about you but I'd probably cock my head to the side with an inquisitive look, go into some speech about the effects of drug abuse on the mind and laugh my ass off. Lucky for us all twenty years is a long time. Time that allows us to grow and explore new ideas, sounds and ways to express our emotions.

Listening to "40 Miler" I can't help but think how much this mans music has moved me and for how long. From my first Avail 7 inch in 1991 to his first acoustic offerings on
"Laurel St. Demo" in 2005. His music and words have always inspired me and given me a sense of consciousness  that goes beyond music.

On "40 Miler" Tim Barry continues to establish himself as a great American troubadour.
The record has a more positive, uplifting vibe than past releases. There's a aura of strength and resilience  in the songs that wasn't present in past releases. The record is highlighted by his signature acoustic and steel guitar. Add some moving harmonics and his unique brand of storytelling and you've got a record you'll be going back to countless times. "Shed Song" is crushingly beautiful, a tear jerker to say the very least. "Bankers Dilemma" on the other hand, will have you shedding tears of laughter. The work of Tim Barry and artists such as Frank Turner are no longer guilty pleasures for me. When music is this good, there's no reason to feel guilty. James Damion

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