Thursday, May 10, 2012

Timeout Jimmy - Yourself EP

I'm a lot younger than I used to be. When I was older I would often muse about how good music used to be and lamented on how completely shitty and lame all these newer bands were sounding, spending all their money on tight jeans and goofy haircuts, yet forgetting the music. Luckily for me, all of that changed when I started writing this blog last year and started paying attention to what the present music scene was offering. It's been a rebirth in every sense of the word. Getting to fully indulge myself in what's transpiring musically in this neck of the woods has been an eye opener to say the very least.

This brings me to Timeout Jimmy and their EP "Yourself". It's a very rare occasion when a random band you've never hear immediately resonates with you on so many levels.
These guys did it in under ten minutes with a mere three songs. Impressive, to say the very least.

The beauty in these songs can be largely traced to Nick Santoro's complex, layered guitar sound and its relationship to Tom Etts soaring vocals. Rounding it all out quite nicely is Trevor Wright on the Bass and Daniel Patrick O'Connor on Drums. The music itself stands on it's own without any real alliance to any genre. For me personally, I got an immediate Saves the Day meets Thursday with some of the musician quality of Incubus thrown in for good measure. Regardless, this one hell of a sampling for this East Brunswick band. I've listened to "Yourself" numerous times, hearing different notes and elements during each sitting. "Explorer" "Nodules" and "Excitement" are all excellent offerings forming a very cohesive air throughout. Be sure to click the link below and download the EP. Book them some shows and throw money at them.
James Damion

Timeout! Jimmy  Bandcamp

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