Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nation On Fire - 2012 Demo

Nation on Fire, not to be confused with Southern California's Nations Afire come to us from New Jersey and play a ferocious brand of Hardcore that reminds this listener of mid 90's noise such as Rorschach, mixing elements of Hardcore, Punk and Dissonant elements of Metal. The entire demo comes at you like a tsunami of noise and hellfire that never lets up until everything in its path is decimated. The demo features six songs, five of which come in under two minutes.
Though I am quite fond of a lot of Rorschach's material,  i've never been a fan of this genre myself. Finding little to no balance in its sound or message.
Fans of Screamo and Powerviolence might want to check this one out though. I myself, was unmoved.
James Damion

Download Here

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  1. There was a Nations on Fire from Europe as well...strike the match was the record.