Thursday, May 17, 2012

Torche - Harmonicraft

These dudes are a little on the more popular or well known side of things compared to the bands that we normally cover here at UBRS , but goddamn when a record is this good I have to tell the world about it or at least tell the 100 or so people who come to our humble blog everyday.

On this Torche's 3rd full length Lp  they have really outdone themselves. The production is big and full and beautiful while the music itself is big and full and beautiful ... haha seriously, Torche have always had a knack for writing heavy pop songs and they have really perfected their craft on this record. The riffs are huge, the drums are pounding, and the vocal harmonies and hooks are simply delicious.   

If you're a Torche fan then I think you will be happy with this record as it's their most fully realized record to date in my opinion, and also their most sonically pleasing from a production standpoint . If you have never heard these guys then do yourself a favor and give Harmonicraft a listen...Dave G.


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