Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Longshots - Kicker EP

On "The Kicker" EP, Fort Worth Texas' The Longshots come out of the barn like bi-coastal frequent flyers. The two tracks featured on the EP,
"Rhode Island Red" and "Me or California" each come in at just under three minutes and have a loose, jangley, Garage Rock meets Rockabilly vide. Add a little bit of an early 80's
Alt Country vibe and a production quality that leaves a lot to be desired and you've got The Longshots. "Kicker" didn't really inspire more than a few casual listens. I wouldn't go as far as saying it was a terribly bad record. The band is still in their early stages and certainly have time to grow. Texas is a big state so I'm sure they have lots of room too. The gentleman that heads up the bands label mentioned he couldn't stop talking about these guys. Perhaps I should have allowed him to expound on his feelings about the band.
I myself, am at somewhat of a loss for words. James Damion

The Longshots  Bandcamp

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