Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hot Water Music - Exister LP

Eight years is a long time between releases. Time that often causes the chemistry and song writing ability of the best bands wear thin and fray. Luckily for fans of Hot Water Music, this was not the case. For those picking their brains and biting their fingernails; Wondering if the return of their favorite Post-Hardcore Floridians will produce anything worthy of their worship can put their minds at ease. "Exister" is a damn good record and one that should put to rest any questions about the bands return.

On "Exister" HWM seamlessly make up for lost time. The opening riff on "Mainline" is a wake up call to anyone who might have lulled themselves into any musical comas. The songs energy and energy have Chuck Ragan sounding like a man on a mission. Though Chucks vocals show a bit of wear largely due to eight years of recording and touring as a folky American troubadour;  I don't feel that the change took away from any of the records appeal. I found "Exister" is a solid record from top to bottom and a noteworthy return from of musics finest."Paid in Full" ends the record on a high note that can only leave the listener wondering how long before they'll be sinking their teeth into another HWM release.
James Damion

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