Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reese Van Riper - The Paper Mache Bandits EP

Reese Van Riper mix Bluesy Indie Rock and elements of Metal and a slight Alt Country vibe with impressive results. There's a dirty vibe about the music that's really appealing to the ears. As I listen I can't help but imagine myself in some dirty old New Orleans watering hole being served whiskey by some floozy in a corset while having my pocket picked by Tom Waits. Call me crazy but the sounds on
"The Paper Mache Bandits" are just that atmospheric and lofty.
Each of the five tracks have their own distinct identity and charm. With "Pitchfork" and "Whiskey Queens" being my favorites of the five tracks. The three piece consists of bassist Matt Kearns
(ex- Loreane Drive) drummer Greg Infante (ex- The Murder and The Harlot) and guitarist/vocalist Reese Van Riper. These road warriors spent a lot of time touring in recent years. Lucky for us they stopped long enough to make this record. Definitely worthy of a listen or three. James Damion

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