Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Melissa and Paul - Live Hard EP

Think of all the beautiful eccentricities of the White Stripes with female vocals and a more skilled and complex male drummer. That was the first thing that came to mind when listening to this beautiful six song EP. Melissa's soulful, haunting, banshee vocals and twangy guitar on top of Paul's loose, jazzy percussion are a perfect mix. The music is bluesy, soulful and instantly addictive. The lyrics on "Live Hard" speak volumes about the records title.  "The Suns gotta set to rise/Gotta be dead once to be alive" and "One things for sure - that I'm not ready to die" remind us how important it is to live every moment. Just as this record reminds us how powerful and important music can really be when it's done from the heart.

Though immediate comparisons to the White Stripes and the Screaming Females are inevitable; Melissa & Paul always come off sounding fresh and original. They are a
"Dynamic Duo" in every sense of the term.

"Live Hard" was recorded during a weekend in October 2011 which would otherwise be a side note if these songs didn't exemplify the mood of that particular month. With this release and the release of Those Mockingbirds "Fa So La", Star Beat Music is definitely making a name for themselves as a powerhouse in 2012 and beyond. The attention to quality on the music is matched by the detail and beauty of their packaging and the artwork within.
James Damion

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Melissa and Paul

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