Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sickoids - No Home Lp - Sorry State Records

Sickoids are a raw and powerful hardcore band consisting of ex members of Direct Control, Government Warning, Witch Hunt and Bad Advice. 

The band's brand new Lp "No Home" will hit you like a full on kick in the sack. The music is thick, tight and raging from start to finish. Sickoids somehow remind me of the incredible old school hardcore/metal band DBC (Dead Brain Cells), especially in the song "Empty Death". I am sure this is completely unintentional and probably something that is only heard inside my own head. The band compare themselves to Poison Idea, and I also hear a bit of an old school Boston sound, and even Dr. Know in these songs.

Anyway, another top notch release from Sorry State Records that you need to add to your collection...Dave G.


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