Friday, May 24, 2013

Boxed Wine - Cheap, Fun LP

Boxed Wine are a five piece indie pop act that have been featured on UBRS a handful of times in the past. The bands upbeat, get on your feat and dance rhythms have managed to transform the contributors here from old,bitter and jaded men to lighthearted and joyous ones.

"Cheap, Fun" the ten song full length follow up to the three song EP of the same name continues that trend with ten songs that are, much like the editors here, uplifting and celebratory. The LP opens with
"Into the Night" which immediately puts the listeners toes on notice. "Cheap Fun" quickly makes its presence felt with it's falsetto vocals and intoxicating guitar melodies. Qualities that made the band stand out from the crowd early on. Though "Cheap Fun" doesn't do much to break new ground for the band. It does more than it's part to allow us to dance on it. As a band, Boxed Wine reminds me that life is all about the little pleasures. Moments when we let go of our fears and allow ourselves to just live in the moment. "Cheap, Fun" spares no expense to let us do just that.
Enjoy every note... James Damion

Cheap, Fun LP  Download Here

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