Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sick Sick Birds - Gates of Home

I was sitting in a Kearny Bar the other night about to order my first drink of the evening when Killing Horse Records Mike Sylvia appeared before me raising his hand to say
"This one's on me." It was only a few nights prior that I had seen his band
(The Life Eaters) a few blocks down at another Irish themed pub. Before Mike's band played that night he handed me the labels most recent release Sick Sick Birds "Gates of Home"

Mike Hall's voice seems to find inspiration from Superchunk's Mac McCaughan. Highlighted by an endless array of great hooks and melodies that bring to mind  how albums like Superchunk's
"On the Mouth" and "No Pocky for Kitty" made me feel. Much like the albums I just referenced. I can see myself speaking of "Gates of Home" with similar revelry years from now. Just as I have in recent days. I'm going to be revisiting this bag of magic beans regularly. The folks at Killing Horse records are doing a great job working with consistently praise worthy acts and producing quality releases time in and time out. James Damion

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