Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Recordettes - Debut 3 Song EP

On their debut EP the Brooklyn foursome known as The Recordettes deliver three campy as hell tracks that bring a slightly modern twist to some long gone sounds.
The band brings to mind everything from classic acts such as the B-52'a to current party rockers
The Everymen. Elements of Doo Wop, Surf, Garage and 60's Phil Spector girl group sounds all in short order.  "Candy Store" sounds a lot like it's namesake with 50's "At the Hop" meets 60's Phil Spector girl groups sound (Ronettes, Crystals) and the EP's best track."Shower Requested" is a "Back to the Beach" inspired romp that draws comparisons to Dick Dale garage/surf instrumental. "John Waters" by far the least likable of the three tracks that features a male lead that can only be described as a more campy
(if at all possible) Fred Schneider. Though the sound serves as a  a nice cheeky ode to the past.
The delivery fails to go beyond coming across as even slightly amusing. Just not my bag of magic beans. James Damion

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