Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Archie Alone - S/T 3 Song EP

After seeing Archie Alone perform several time in a matter of weeks, objectivity didn't just go out the window.
It completely broke it on the way out. My only reservations with picking this up was it couldn't possibly live up to the  expectations their live performances had quickly created.

The EP opens with
"Living Like Kerouac". A track that almost immediately establishes a very credible presence with singer Nicole Mesce's passionate and urgent vocal delivery. The song, my favorite on the three song EP, kicks the emotions into high gear, reminding me of when emo still had muscle.
(Think Lifetime, Kid Dynamte) The lead guitar on these tracks is jaw dropping to say the very least. Adding bulk and muscle to the tracks while giving the music somewhat of a metal edge. The opening riffs on "Red-Staggered" serve as a perfect example of power and perfection.
"Waiting to Exhale" the Ep's closing track offers some tasty rhythms proving that Archie Alone are the complete package. Overall, this is the kind of band and EP that makes me wish that Me and Dave would expand and take the blog to the next level and start releasing records. So much for that objectivity thing. James Damion

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