Friday, May 10, 2013

Barge - No Gain EP

Since starting the blog  a few years back,  Dave and I have savored each and every release from the VA's Grave Mistake Records label/distro. Bands such as Deep Sleep, Big Eyes, Government Warning,
The Shirks and
Sectarian Violence went from complete unknowns
(at least to us) to earning permanent residence on our turntables. The labels consistency and penchant for releasing some of, if not the best Hardcore and Punk out there.

Richmond, VA's Barge add to that lineage on their debut EP "No Gain" with eight songs of blistering Hardcore. If you love raw, fast and uncompromising Hardcore this EP is right up your alley. Eight songs delivered in just under nine minutes. It's no frills, no bullshit style reminded me a lot of early eighties Hardcore and particularly Infest. Though each of the eight tracks here were quite impressive. It was "Plague Me", the records last track that really had me shitting my pants. The breaks on this one had me running for cover. With this kind of raw intensity it will be interesting to see where Barge take things in the future. Better wear a diaper kids. James Damion

Grave Mistake Records  Get it Here

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