Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Deadverse - Carpet Burns 12" ep

On this brand new ep  Deadverse come across as Switzerland's answer to current american bands like Hot Snakes, The Bronx and Small Brown Bike. Though the band doesn't list Hot Snakes as an influence I hear a bit of the Hot Snakes and/or Wipers in the riff structure of these songs, actually the more I listen the more I'm leaning towards a definite Wipers influence.

 Overall, "Carpet Burns" is an excellent ep full of passionate uptempo post hardcore that begs for repeated listens...Dave G.

On a  side note, I would like to give some praise to Take It Back Records. I've only had the privilege of hearing a few of their releases, but everything I've heard has impressed me in a big way. If you like this Deadverse ep I'd recommend giving the labels other releases a listen as well.


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