Saturday, May 11, 2013

Moon Tooth and Archie Alone Play Dingbatz

After an early night of sushi with my old buddy Chris we headed up to Clifton's Dingbatz for a little a little live music and a what we imagined would be full blown inebriation on our parts. As we headed to the club Chris recalled the last time we ventured to the Clifton dive bar together. It was to see the Reverend Paul Bearer's Joe Coffee. On that particular night the Markers Make was flowing like the Niagara Falls and we had to cool our heals late into the morning at a local Dunkin' Donuts in order to clear the cob webs from our drunken noggins before attempting to head home.

Moon Tooth Guitarist Nick Lee
As we arrived it seemed we could get no attention from the waitress behind the bar.
Funny considering there were less than ten people in attendance at the time. Dingbatz can be really hit or miss on most nights. I've been to Dingbatz at times when the place was filled with music loving party goers. Where as at other times the bands would have to make a long distance call to the bar in order to get the six or so attendees to come enjoy the music they just may have paid to come see. On this particular night the latter seemed to be the case.

It had been over a year since I had seen
Nick Lee perform with the bands Thinning the Herd, Exemption or Rice Cultivation Society.
So when I heard his newest music endeavor, Long Island's Moon Tooth were coming to a town anywhere near my zip code. I knew if was time to gas up the car and get my ass to their show. The band, like any other Nick's been involved with has been playing a storm of shows throughout the five borough and beyond.
As we headed past the bar I had caught a glance of Nick and reintroduced myself. I noticed the much shorter hair and found myself asking "Has Nick Lee gone soft on us?" Lucky for me and anyone else in attendance, that was not in the cards.

As the band took the stage and began setting up to an almost empty venue. I couldn't help but think of how much hard work it goes into playing in a band. Jawbreakers "Tour Song" began playing in my head. The lyrics "Two cool people came / they're hiding by the door" came to mind. It mattered not because the band was there to play. People started to move forward to see what was about to happen...
and then it happened. Moon Tooth launched into their manic set as singer John Carbone seemed to roll himself into a barrel and launch himself onto the dance floor and the unsuspecting crowd. It was like all hell breaking loose at the church congregation's annual picnic. Bodies scattered and ran for cover as the band put Clifton on notice. It was a jaw dropping set that took my jaw right out of it's proper place and to the clubs unwashed floor. As I was watching I couldn't help but think "I wish more people were here to see this, to hear it and to be fully involved in it. I really appreciated the chance to finally see the band and will definitely be more inspired to head out of my area and my own little comfort zone to see them next time they play even remotely close to my home base. Be sure to go check out their site Here
Guitar Hero Cindy Ward of Archie Alone

Having never heard of Belleville NJ's Archie Alone
I came in with zero expectations. Pretty cool for me considering the simple idea that the one of the best things about going out to shows is having an band (unknowns to your ears) completely blow the fucking screws out of the hinges.
I've been having this experience a lot lately and I'm happy to say I've got a new band to follow around and occupy my time. The self described Melodic Punk five piece played a energetic set that, at least to my ears blended a lot more musical elements than their Facebook bio offer us. Nicole Mesce's shows a lot of emotion and range as a singer. One can only hope that I'll be seeing her step away from the mic stand more in the future. Though, in the meantime it does nothing to take away from her ability or performance. AA's Cindy Ward looks and plays as if she's channeling the ghost of recently departed Slayer guitarist
Jeff Hanneman. I noticed a lot of people cocking their heads in awe as she delivered riff after tasty riff.I was really impressed with this band and look forward to seeing them again in the upcoming weeks which include tonights show at Montclair's Meatlocker.  Click Here for info and next weeks show at my home away from homes ABC No Rio. Click Here for more info on the band.

Until the next time.
Yours Truly,
James Damion

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