Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Christina the Astonishing - I am not the American Teen

After witnessing these kids perform an out of control set at Montclair's Meatlocker I half heartedly decided to take the bands CD home with me.

Turns out this was a lot better than I expected. Five songs of well played, well produced youthful anthems. Fast, driving and relentless punk with impressive musicianship.
Five songs that come in under ten minutes. "Bike",
"I am not the American Teen", "Null", "The Graak", and "Another Revolution" each pack  plenty of punk rock punch and aggression.

As I watched Christina the Astonishing play live the other night. I remember thinking,
"These kids look as if their still working on their freshman year of high school."
The bands bass player looked as if he was pushing twelve years. But in listening to these five tracks I'm reminded of how that was the age me and my friends were getting into Punk Rock and Hardcore. Going to shows and starting bands. If this is any inclination into what the future holds for the band. We all have a lot to look forward to. James Damion

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