Monday, March 26, 2012

N.Y. Hoods - "Neutral Demo" 7 inch Re-Issue

Classic NYHC demo from 1986 finally gets a very deserving and long over due vinyl treatment from Urban Riot Records.
The vinyl version features
N.Y. Hoods - Neutral demo in all its glory. The six song demo has been remixed and remastered for great sound quality. 100 pressed on
white vinyl, 100 pressed on splatter vinyl and 300 on traditional black. The NY Hoods were one of many excellent bands that occupied the NYHC scene of the mid eighties.
The Queens band were contemporaries of classic NYHC bands such as
Gorilla Biscuits, Token Entry, Krakdown. The N.Y Hoods also featured bassist
Gavin Van Vlack who would go on to help form and play with Side By Side, Absolution and Burn. (Just to name a few) Needless to say this is an important document of a pivotal time in New York's colorful music history.
Slap this on your turntable and you'll be singing the chorus to "Mirrors of Reality" and
"Poor Girl" in no time. James Damion

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