Monday, March 5, 2012

Man on Fire - I Thought My Friends Were Punk

I have to say I was damn right excited when I heard that local hero Dan Pelic (Chambers/Something About Death and Dying) was involved in a new band. I have grown quite find his throat scraping vocal stylings over the last couple of years and felt pretty confident that if he got involved with new music again it would bare good results. The fact that he was playing drums with the new band didn't do anything to lessen my curiosity or expectations. After sampling a track on their BandCamp I was able to catch them live and pick up their 7 inch later that night.
On "I Thought my Friends were Punk" you get four songs that deliver excellent results. "God's an Atheist" is an anthemic opener. Guitarist Matt Harvey plays like he was born in the basement of the Dischord House during the peak of the Revolution Summer. While Brian Goglia vocals are a Rites of Spring meets Ebullition Records giants Current. (Look them up. You'll know what I'm talking about.) The intro to "Wild Turkey" has a  dizzying affect while the bass lines on "Rex Manning Day" are worth serious praise. Throughout the record the band melds straight up Hardcore and Punk rather nicely with excellent tempo changes, breaks and gang vocals. All of this coming together making for an excellent mix. Recorded at Jersey City's Treehouse Sound and engineered/mixed by Royce Jefferies.
The EP features some stunning illustration from Robert Gray and eye popping photography of Luke Brereton. Add Man on Fire to the list of excellent and diverse bands on The Tiny Giants Artist Collective. I'm looking forward to hearing more from these guys in the near future. James Damion

Man on Fire  Bandcamp

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