Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Breed Tape Compilation - CD/Vinyl Re-issue

Sometimes it takes a little time to really allow the epic nature of a release wash over you before putting your two cents in .         The New Breed Compilation is without a doubt the best example I can site. The fact that I've been friends with the comps creator since grade school and was present when some of the bands excitedly submitted their tracks and artwork when the original project in 1989 started taking shape didn't allow for much of a bipartisan review. The truth of the matter is this long over due re-issue has more than lived up to the excitement that it's resurfacing had created.

Originally released to in 1989. The New Breed Tape Compilations legend far overshadowed the scant 700 copies that were released. At the time New York Hardcore seemed to be arriving at its Mount Everest of creativity. Freddy Alva and Chaka Malik (Burn, Orange 9mm) were able to coral the NYHC's  best and brightest names along with some of it's most promising prospects. When comparing to the many to the recorded documents of NYHC at the time, New Breed fits nicely between Revelation Records "The Way it is" and Blackout's "Where the Wild Things Are". Pretty good company if you ask me.

After more than twenty years of bootlegs, reminiscing and talk the original cassette compilation has been officially resurrected and remastered on both CD digi pack and Vinyl for the first time. 
Highlighted by tracks from Absolution, Beyond, Breakdown, Life's Blood, Outburst and Raw Deal. The comp also features upstarts such as Collapse, (one of my favorites) Discipline and Fit of Anger.
Available as a CD digipac and vinyl. Bonus tracks from All for One and Life's Blood (live) and an almost haunting sound bite from CBGB's Dennis the Bouncer. (A man who once banned me from CBGB's for excessive stage diving.) This is a piece of our history. If you were there you were very lucky to be a part of something unique. If you weren't but still love Hardcore music this is a chance to see how us old men used to dish it out. I was lucky enough to be personally handed #1 of 200 limited edition airbrushed "Wild Style" Vinyl version. It was a moment I will not soon forget. James Damion

Wardance Records  Buy it Here

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