Friday, March 9, 2012

Bad Advice - Do Not Resuscitate 7" - Grave Mistake 2012

Richmond Virginia's Bad Advice originally dropped a 3 song demo cdr about 3 or 4 years ago and then seemed to immediately drop off the punk/hardcore landscape. Eventually, Grave Mistake announced that they were working on releasing this 7" and after numerous delays and the passing of a couple of years the "Do Not Resusitate" 7" has finally seen the light of day...and it was well worth the wait in my opinion.

Bad Advice features most notably Tony Bitch (Ladies) and Brandon Ferrrell (Direct Control, Government Warning, Obsessor etc) so if you are a fan of any of these dudes other bands then you are sure to be pleased with Bad Advice.

What you get on this platter is some Straight forward angry hardcore punk with early NY/Boston hardcore touches throughout. I swear I even here some Crumbsuckers in the songs "If Life's A Joke" and "Anger Problem".

Anyway, Grave Mistake has done it yet again, the quality control at this label is outstanding and I recommend you dig through their back catalog and keep your eyes peeled for no less than 8 new releases from Grave Mistake in 2012...Dave G.

Grave Mistake Records
Grave Mistake Bandcamp features song samples for Bad Advice and every other Grave Mistake release...listen and buy some records if you like what you hear.

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