Friday, March 30, 2012

The N.Y. Hoods 1986 demos

I was out doing a little record shopping today with James, my blog partner here on United By Rocket Science, and we were discussing the fact that if you read this blog regularly you could easily get the impression that we are a couple of kiss-asses who seem to like every record that we have ever heard, however the truth of the matter is that we have intentionally been blogging about and promoting bands that we enjoy, and simply do not put any energy into posting about records that just didn't move us in anyway.

That being said, my intention while writing the above intro. was to have it lead into my first negative review here on United By Rocket Science after being unimpressed with the
"NY Hoods 1986 demo tape 7" upon initial listen…  And now for the rub, while I was comprising this post I let the record play for a second time just to help confirm my dislike for the N.Y. Hoods and I'll be damned if I didn't find myself liking this record after all.

Maybe I went into this record with my expectations a little too high, and with my sense of nostalgia a little too low initially, but now I am hearing clearly and I like the N.Y. Hoods simple straight forward style of there you have first almost negative review on UBRS...Dave G.

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