Friday, March 16, 2012

Pure Scum - Demo Tape 2012 Sorry State Records

Pure Scum are a bunch of 15 and 16 year old miscreants from Raleigh NC who have managed to lay down a demo of unrelenting hardcore that is just spilling over with youthful exuberance and total hardcore goodness.

Sorry State records compares Pure Scum to Negative Approach and SOA, and that comparison works perfectly for me...good stuff...listen/buy, and keep your eyes peeled for future releases...Dave G.

Pure Scum Bandcamp
Sorry State Records.


  1. Hey i play guitar in pure scum and just wanted to thank you for your kind words! Also keep an eye out for our EP, that might be out later this year, were planing on recording it this summer. Thanks!


  2. You're welcome Genaro...I will definitely keep an eye out for your future recordings. If you have shows or music to promote in the future keep us in mind, we'd be glad to do whatever we can to help promote Pure Scum.