Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Brixton Riot - Palace Amusements

Upon hearing the name                   The Brixton Riot one might immediately think of the Clash or a bunch of working class greaser punks with cuffed black jeans and a pack of cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve of their white than white Hanes tee shirt. Pretty cool image but don't start pulling your union card out of your chain wallet just yet. When my old Facebook buddy Matt Horutz sent me a link to his bands new album I took it like any other solicitation to the blog. As some of you reviewers know, being sent a link to someone's band camp doesn't illicit the same excitement as actual hard copy has throughout the years. The fact that he put the bands new disc in the mail for me the same day was a pretty cool gesture.

Here is a record that immediately had me hooked. Instead of getting the Clash sound alike the bands name might have hinted I got what can easily be considered a Power Pop standout. One that instantly resonated with this listener and pretty much set the mood and pace for the rest of my day. On Palace Amusements this Jersey band delivers an album highlighted by excellent song structure, hooks and harmony matched with a certain Punk brattiness thrown in for good measure. There's a distinct warmth to the songs that feels honest and unforced. Think  Late 70's Power Pop meets 90's Pop Punk. I keep thinking the Replacements meet Pavement on the way to a Bouncing Souls show in Asbury Park. Check out the song "Ocean Avenue" if you have any doubts. The band will be playing a record release show at Maxwells with Eastern  Anchors, Roadside Graves & Lieder on March 23rd. Come out and go nuts. James Damion

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