Friday, January 31, 2014

The Cartwheelers - "Hot Socks! It's...The Cartwheelers"

Hailing from New Brunswick New Jersey. The Cartwheelers, a duo comprising of
Kevin McSorely
(guitar / vocals) and
Stefan Dias,
(percussion / vocals) play a saucy mix that includes garage, surf rock and a seasoning of Latin rhythms. The EP's jangly rhythms and quirky, off kilter vocals serve as endearing characteristics.

The opening track 'Birds' is an absolute joy. It's crazy latin inspired percussion and warm chorus are as addictive as any three minutes and eighteen seconds could be.
I almost immediately felt myself losing all inhibitions and going completely spastic on my make believe dance floor. The vocals took me to Nerdville where I felt I was hearing a crazy mix of  Brian Sella, (The Front Bottoms) Gordon Gano, (Violent Femmes) and Scott Thompson (Meet Pause). Pretty good company if you ask me. The Cartwheelers look to be off to a impressive start. I'm glad I had the chance to ride along for a bit.
It was certainly a blast.
James Damion

The Cartwheelers  Bandcamp

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