Monday, January 20, 2014

Cousin Sleaze - S/T 2 SONG EP

Many is the time I've overlooked a band based solely on their name. The term "What's in a name?" seems to have eluded me since childhood. Luckily, I get an hourly reminder from my chosen listening device of the goofy names attached to many of my most beloved artists.
In comes Brooklyn's Cousin Sleaze and their self titled two song EP.

In most instances, I find it hard to grasp a bands sound after a mere two song introduction. However, "Too Many Days" and "Still Screaming" were good enough to warrant further investigation. In visiting their Bandcamp page. I was led to their 2013 split with Slaves BC and their 2012 full length Sick Maniacs.

Cousin Sleaze deliver fast, relentless Hardcore with cut throat, screamed vocals and nasty riffs. On these tracks in particular, it was the pounding rhythms that had me feeling as if I'd been hit by a concussion grenade. It's Hardcore meets Metal meets strep throat.
 Impressive stuff from these Brooklyn troublemakers. Get crazy. Get Fucked.
 James Damion

Cousin Sleaze  Bandcamp

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