Friday, January 17, 2014

Morality Crisis - Boats

Though I found the vocals to be completely unbearable, I fully understand a lot of people find bands with singers whose sound resembles that of someone having a losing battle with bronchitis or maybe full blown lung cancer appealing. The belligerent and menacing musicality and it's interesting time changes and chord progressions made it partly enjoyable to listen to all the way through. Where 2006 'Pharos' Imperos' had me looking a little deeper into what Morality Crisis had to offer, the 7 tracks presented on 'Boats' had me frantically swimming back to shore
If you're into Hardcore Crust or Death Metal or maybe want to play in the dirty, sludgy waters near Lake Mastadon... this might be for you. Me personally, not so much. 
James Damion

Morality Crisis  Bandcamp

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