Friday, January 17, 2014

The Instigation - No Way Out E.P.

Being that the bands personnel span three continents.
(Members currently reside in Japan, China, England and Canada) It's hard to fathom the idea they ever found themselves playing shows, let alone finding the collective time to hit the studio to record 'No Way Out'.
Judging from these four songs, one can only be happy they had the chance.

The Instigation play excellent Hardcore Punk with a smattering of Garage and Street Punk thrown in for good measure. On their second Ep, they don't stray far from their roots as "Loud, Fast, Rules" dominates. 'No Way Out''s'
four tracks. The aggression and raw power on display here remind this listener of
Rollins era Black Flag.

The surprise bonus to come out of this was their cover of Reagan Youth's 'Degenerated'. Unlike the band that's currently flogging that dead horse,
they do a really excellent job of speeding things up a bit while being respectful to the songs origin. The Instigation more than warrant further investigation. Go check them out. James Damion

The Instigation  Get it Here


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