Thursday, January 23, 2014

Powerblessings - Quick Guide To Heart Attacks

Catchy ass punk/Hardcore that had me singing along halfway through the opening track on my first listen. I can't quite put my finger on bands to compare Powerblessings to but I definitely hear a 90's Indie/Emo/Punk thing going on here, but of the highest caliber.

If you're a fan of powerful, complex punk rock with a good heaping of rhythmic guitar churning  ala The Hot Snakes or even harkening back to The Wipers then I think Powerblessings is a band you need to add to your playlist.  Thanks for sending in a hard copy of the Lp  guys, the packaging is really nice. Thick cardboard cover, lyric insert and nice thick vinyl that sounds great spinning around on my this is how I like to listen to music...Dave G.


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