Friday, January 17, 2014

Designer / BbigPigg - Split Cassette

Boston's Designer and BbigPigg join forces to give us this four song cassette split. Noisy and experimental jams that took a few listens to really win over this listener.
Though I enjoy the vocal samples provided on the Designer tracks and find myself drawn  towards the eccentricities  and neurotic pleasure of the song 'Easy'. I find myself more drawn to BbigPigg's offerings
'Taurus' and 'Turboteen'.
Released just this month on BUFU records.
Though I wouldn't put them in the same cereal bowl,
listening to these tracks quickly reminded me of the madness that David Yow and his band Jesus Lizard brought to the table more than twenty years ago. I could say more but I'll let the music and the cover art speak for itself.
James Damion

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