Thursday, January 30, 2014

Video - (Join The) Hate Wave b/w Captivity

I had feared that Video may have broken up after the release of 2011's Leather Leather Lp which was a 2011 year end top ten of mine. You can read the Lp review HERE. Anyway, I am thrilled to see that Video is still going, and going strong at that. The brand new 7" ep (Join The ) Hate Wave b/w Captivity contains all the hall marks that landed Leather Leather on my year end list.  The music moves straight ahead at a mid tempo but the guitars are angular and interesting, the vocals are simply song with a bit of a snotty detachment (in the best way) at times. The two new songs on offer here are immediately memorable and command immediate repeat listens. Man, I really dig this band, here's hoping there's a new full length coming in the near future...Dave G.

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Act quick band has only 30 copies left.

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