Friday, June 14, 2013

Cold Fur - Altamont Every Night

The highly anticipated debut has finally landed and damn, it sure is good. For those living outside of Jersey Nation, Cold Fur brings together members of Rye Coalition (Ralph Cuseglio, Dave Leto) and The Want (Adam Valk,Jeff Mackey).

"Altamont Every Night", which was engineered by the legendary Steve Albini delivers eleven songs of 70's Rock N' Roll excess and swagger, featuring
Ralph Cuseglio's signature screams, and  some nice dirty guitar work from  a louder than fuck rhythm section that would impress even the most dedicated Sabbath fan. Not only is it noteworthy, it's bastard sound is flat out praiseworthy.

Tracks like "Bro'd to Death" and "Just Like Brian Jones"deliver rock n roll genius with absolute savagery. While "Fat Vampires From Planet Wolf" drown the listener with its slow stoner pace and slutty guitar. Each song perfectly personifies the embodiment of the records title, with its tight jeans and big mustache imagery you'll feel as if your speeding down a dirty dusty road in search of those elusive Kiss tickets.

Fans of Rye Coalition will not be the least disappointed with this gem. While those seeking a departure from the sound that band delivered might be disappointed. Nevertheless, "Altamont Every Night" goes a long way to live up to its title. Providing everything you would ask for from a Rock N' Roll record and band. Get it. Live it. Let it kill you. James Damion

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