Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pity Party - Do a Little Dance EP

After seeing Brooklyn's
Pity Party twice in just as many months, I decided to give a few of their records a spin to see if the bands recordings came close to their live energy and all inclusive party vibe.

Released in early 2013
"Do a Little Dance" does a lot more than it's working title might suggest. Offering a very danceable form of pop punk that, though indicative of everything those sub genres might suggest. Provides a little more edginess than that description might entail.
Lead singer Cassadys vocal delivery brings to mind a cross between The Muffs
Kim Shattuck and Big Eyes Kate Eldrige.
Worthy of mention is Fid's (Yeah, that's his name) edgy guitar riffs. They help give the seven songs some extra bite while adding some muscle and power to the bands overall sound. Did you happen to hear that, "Boys Don't Cry" riff towards the end of "Fortification"?  I sure did... And let me tell you, I really liked it.

All comparisons aside, Pity Party definitely have some good things to offer.
If you're in need of a little uplift or just want to get those feet moving. I'd highly recommend picking this up and checking them out live. James Damion

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